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This page answers different questions about the process of buying health insurance and the different kinds of health insurance and what those insurances cover and don't.

How to get health insurance?

There are two primary ways to get health insurance in the U.S.: buying it through a state- or federally-operated Affordable Care Act (aka ACA or Obamacare) online marketplace or through a private company like (Cigna, Humana, etc.).

Typically, most Americans apply or reapply for health insurance during the Open Enrollment Period, which usually runs for a number of weeks at the end of the calendar year and goes into effect on January 1 of the following year. If you need health insurance in 2019, the time to do so runs from November 1 through December 15, 2018.

There are a couple exception to this rule— the first of which is Short Term Health Insurance. This type of health insurance is major medical insurance that provides coverage for a predefined period of time.

Short Term Health Insurance plans are known for their inexpensive and affordable premiums, some of which may cost less than half the price of an entry-level Obamacare plan. These plans may be worth considering if you’re in good health and don’t need the comprehensiveness of coverage offered by an ACA-compliant plan.

However, applicants with pre-existing conditions typically do not qualify for this type of coverage. These plans are available year-round and offer the majority, but not all of the 12 essential health benefits that ACA marketplace plans are required to offer.

Some of us simply don’t need some of these benefits like maternity and newborn care but that being said, it’s incredibly important that you read and understand every benefit offered by your health insurance regardless of the policy you eventually purchase.

The second exception, which allows you to purchase any health insurance policy outside of Open Enrollment, is if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Certain life events such as losing health coverage, getting married, or having a baby will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period of 60 days. During this time, you may enroll for an ACA-compliant plan, as well as Short Term Health Insurance or Health Benefit Insurance right here on

What does short term health insurance cover?

Short-term health insurance covers doctor visits, hospitalizations, emergency care, lab tests, x-rays, and other common medical needs.

Is short-term health insurance Obamacare?

No. Short Term Health Insurance is a streamlined insurance plan that’s different from Obamacare in 3 key ways:

  1. Short Term Health Insurance is advantageous for some people because the monthly premiums are generally less expensive than those of an ACA plan or an individual plan from a private insurer.
  2. Short term plans are available for purchase year-round and can now be bought in increments of up to 364 days. Some carriers even offer plans that are renewable for up to 36 months depending on state regulations.
  3. Short-term health insurance also involves an application. Depending on your health status, your application may be declined or your pre-existing condition may be excluded. Obamacare guarantees that all applicants and their pre-existing conditions will be covered.

When can I apply for short-term health insurance?

You can apply at any time. There is no fixed open enrollment period. On, you can submit an application in minutes. If approved, your insurance policy can become active within 24 hours of submission.

Can I renew my Short Term Health Insurance policy?

Since the laws regarding Short Term Health Insurance are largely based on state laws, it depends on where you live. Some states allow you to reapply and maintain your same coverage for up to 36 months, while others only allow you to have a Short Term policy for up to 364 days. This is not the same as renewing a plan.

To reapply, you must submit a new application with your up-to-date health information and the carrier will determine whether to underwrite a new policy for you. There is a chance that your application may be declined if you’ve contracted a pre-existing condition, but if not, your reapplication can be processed within 24 hours.

Call at (855) 224-2734 to learn more about reapplying for Short Term health Insurance.

What about the Obamacare tax?

The Obamacare tax, formally known as the Shared Responsibility Tax applies to individuals who have gone without an Affordable Care Act plan (such as Obamacare or employer-based plans) for three months or more within a calendar year.

While this tax will no longer be effective as of January 1, 2019, you are still responsible for paying it if you gone without coverage for three or more months in the tax year 2018.The amount you’re required to pay each year is either 2.5% of your household income in excess of the tax return filing threshold or a flat dollar amount ($695 per adult, $347.50 per child or $2,085 per family), whichever amount is greater.

To learn more about the Shared Responsibility tax, head over to

If you have a term health plan for a period of less than three consecutive months in 2018, and ACA-compliant coverage for the remainder of the year, you may not be subject to the tax.

What about cancelling a plan?

You can cancel your plan and receive a full refund within the first ten days of the effective date of your plan. For cancellation beyond this ten-day window, you simply email or call us with your reason for cancelling. We try to handle cancellation requests within 24 business hours of receiving them.

What about pre-existing conditions?

Typically, short term health insurance costs less than Obamacare because it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Also, there is an application with health questions that will determine your eligibility for the plan you’re interested in.

What conditions on the application will make me ineligible?

If you have been diagnosed, treated, or taken medication for any of the following conditions within the last 5 years, Short Term Health Insurance cannot be issued: Cancer or tumor, stroke, heart disease including heart attack, chest pain or a history of heart surgery, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or emphysema, Crohn's disease, liver disorder, degenerative disc disease, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disorder, diabetes, degenerative joint disease of the knee, alcohol abuse or chemical dependency, or any neurological disorder, HIV or AIDS, or if you are now pregnant or in the process of adoption.

If you are looking for insurance to cover your pre-existing conditions, we can refer you to an agent who can help you find a health insurance plan that to cover these conditions:

  • For ACA/Obamacare Plans: 888-475-8043
  • For Medicare Plans: 855-382-4440

Can I add someone to my policy?

Currently, you may only add a newborn child up to 30 days old to any policy you’ve purchased for yourself through

Do you cover prescriptions?

Besides Unified Health One (which cover prescription benefits), all plans purchased on include a discount card that gives you up to 47% depending on your prescription.

How can I change my billing date?

There is no way to change billing date however you do have a 30-day grace period from your effective date to pay your monthly premium.

Why have I been charged twice?

You’ve likely been charged twice because when you reapplied for another policy, the premium for that policy is charged to your payment method on the same day. It’s possible that you’re seeing a charge for your currently active policy as well as the new policy.

How do I sign into my portal?

After successfully applying for a policy, you were sent a welcome email that contains a login link along with a unique username and password you need to access your Customer Portal. If you can’t find this email or never received it, please contact us at (855) 224-2734 or

What does my policy cover?

This depends on the benefits included with the policy you’ve purchased. To view your benefits, log in to your Customer Portal, select “My Plan”, then “Insurance Certificate” or “Certificate” to view a document that includes your plan’s schedule of benefits.

How can I find in-network providers?

To find a provider in your network simply log in to your Customer Portal, select “Customer Links”, then click the first link (usually includes the word “PPO” on that page.

Where do I send claims?

Claims can be sent to your plan’s claims administrator. Contact information for your claims administrator can be found in your plan’s welcome email or by logging in to your Customer Portal, navigating to the “Contact” tab and scrolling down to the “Claims Administrator” section.

Why have I been billed x amount for my visit?

This can be due to a number of factors. Contact us at the phone number or email address below and one of our Customer Support Specialists will be happy to answer your question.

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