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What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

There’s been some changes recently so let’s talk about what short term health insurance is.

The preferred nomenclature “short term health insurance” (STHI) can be used interchangeably with “short term medical insurance” (STM), or “short term insurance” (STI).

These plans are generally much more affordable than a typical major medical insurance plan and have significantly lower premiums.

In addition to being much less expensive, short term insurance has three major advantages.

Keep your doctor!

  • First, and most important, a short term medical plan can be used to pay for services from ANY doctor or hospital, with no restrictions... so yes you can keep your doctor!
  • Second, short term health insurance plans can be obtained any time of year and are not limited to the Open Enrollment Period. You can apply anytime you want!
  • Third, the application approval process takes only a few minutes. Use your new coverage the next day!
  • Fourth, bears repeating: these health plans are much more affordable!

At Agile Health Insurance, we provide the best healthcare solutions and are the leading providers of affordable short term health insurance plans. Even though we think we they’re pretty great, these types of health insurance may not be right for you, so read more about them at 'What is Short Term Health Insurance?'

Will Short Term Health Insurance Work For Me?

There are many reasons short term health insurance might be the best alternative for you:

  • If you have an employer who doesn’t provide benefits.
  • Have you missed the annual Open Enrollment Period for Obamacare/ACA plans?
  • Do you want a lower deductible or monthly premium payment?
  • Do you need insurance right now?
  • Are you between jobs and just need temporary health insurance or a lower-priced alternative to COBRA?
  • Are you self employed or run a small business?
  • Are you retired but too young for Medicare?
  • Does your hospital or doctor of choice not accept Obamacare?
  • Are Obamacare plan options just too expensive?

Short term health insurance isn’t for everyone though. It is streamlined health insurance, designed to help you when you get injured or become ill. It does not cover pre-existing conditions, and it does not offer the minimum essential benefits of an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plan -- no maternity, no mental health, etc….

But if you answered yes to any of those questions, short term health insurance could be the best option for you.

Why Short Term Health Insurance and Not Something Else?

Affordable Health Insurance

Short term health insurance plans have premiums that are generally much less expensive because the benefits are streamlined and carriers underwrite the policy--you have to apply. The advantage is, you get what you need!

Agile Health Insurance offers plans with benefits that may cost half of what Obamacare or Affordable Care Act plans are quoting.

Flexible Terms

Short term medical insurance plans aren’t necessarily short anymore. Some can be purchased for up to 364 days in many states and renewed for up to 36 months, but check with your state to be sure.

Choose your doctor or hospital

Short term health insurance has unrestricted networks so you can choose your short term health insurance plan to pay for services from ANY doctor or hospital.

Yes, you can keep your doctor! With most short term plans, you will also receive discounted provider network rates.

Lower Deductibles

Even with subsidies, Obamacare plans can feel out of reach.

An Agile short term health insurance plan will allow you to select a deductible as low as $250.*

We offer customers an opportunity to lower their deductible and still have affordable payments.

Apply in minutes and, upon approval, be covered tomorrow!

Creditable and Consistent Coverage

Short term medical plans are considered creditable coverage under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Starting in 2019, there’s no longer a penalty for having them instead of an ACA plan.

Premium payments will not increase during the coverage period.

A Sense of Financial Wellbeing

Short Term health insurance is designed to protect your finances and health which will provide a sense of peace of mind.

It’s not worth the risk to go without coverage.

You can compare the plan benefits of the numerous offerings on our health insurance quote page.

Read more about 'Why Buy Short Term Health Insurance?'

How Do I Apply For The Best Short Term Health Insurance?

Applying for the best short term health insurance through Agile is super fast and easy, just fill out the form below and follow the simple application process!

If you are approved, you can get coverage starting as soon as the next day!

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